Sunday, June 28, 2015

2015 week 8!

Tuesday's storm was a whopper! Crazy fierce wind. Electricity was out for 2 days and there are many trees down. One tree fell on a greenhouse. One whole row of kiwi trellis collapsed! That looked scary, but we were able to reconstruct the trellis the next day and get them all standing. Looks like no kiwi were killed, only beat up a bit. Saturday we got another 2 inches of rain. Ugh!  And there are more thunderstorms in the forecast.  But at least the irrigation guys are getting a break.  Come on sunny summer days! 

Returning from previous weeks:

New this week:

Sweet Corn- So glad to have sweet corn in your share for this week leading up to the 4th of July.  My words of wisdom about our sweet corn is eat it as soon as you can, it will taste the best this way. If you can't eat it right away, leave it in the husk and put in the refrigerator.  I've had many people tell me the have kept their corn for a whole week in the fridge and it still tastes delicious!  
Green Bell Peppers- Come on! Stir fried peppers and onion. . . heavenly! :-)
Beets- Our beet crop is a little underwhelming. Year after year we struggle to have a stellar beet harvest.  But we will keep trying to grow this elusive root crop.  I love roasted beets on a salad with goat cheese!

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