Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy New Year Friend!

We hope the winter season is treating you well.   We’ve been keeping busy with many projects around the farm to get ready for the coming season.

2014 was a great year.  We enjoyed great weather and some amazing crops!  After the major watermelon disaster of 2013, this year was watermelon redemption year! We enjoyed a bountiful, beautiful crop of melons and harvested over 175,000 pounds of melons!

Tomatoes love it when the temperatures are in the 80s so they were REALLY happy this summer. We had 4 successive planting of tomatoes from June to September that produced 437,425 pounds of tomatoes. Peppers were great too with 352,066 pounds of peppers were harvested this summer. Gosh, its fun to look back and be proud and happy of the success of last year!

Spring is just around the corner (so glad the days are getting longer!) Plans are already under way for next year. Our seed orders are in, the crop plan is being hashed out, and we are prepping to start the seeding process.

We are so excited to continue on this farming journey and to share it with you. We love what we do and couldn’t be more appreciative of the community around us. We anticipate 2015 being our greatest year yet!

2015 CSA Registration opens February 1st.  More information coming soon!