Saturday, August 26, 2017

2017 Week 17

Adirondack Red Potatoes are a potato variety with red flesh and skin.  The Adirondack varieties are unusual because both the skin and the flesh are colored and have high levels of anti-oxidants. Very good boiled, good for potato salads and mashed; excellent pan-fried and roasted. Baked, they will be moist.

Quick update about the farm. It's been an exceptionally rainy August. All the rain has been a bit too much for some of our crops. The tomato plants are suffering from foliar diseases and the tomatoes have cracked. The watermelon and cantaloupe are in a similar situation and most of the fruit is rotten. We're still optimistic that we will have some more tomatoes at some point, but it will be a week or two. Meanwhile, we're glad to have these potatoes! The potatoes you're receiving are grown by us. It's our first time growing potatoes and, while it wasn't a super crop, we're thankful for what we've got. The quality seems good so far.

This next week marks a turning point for the farm. All of our student workers are going back to school. We have had a great bunch of students this year. They've worked very hard through some hot days and they have every reason to be proud of what they've done here. We with them well as they head back to the classroom and we hope they enjoy sleeping in a little since they won't have to be here at 6am! 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

2017. Week 15

New this week:

Red Cubanelles- We had their green counterpart 2 weeks ago.  Now the green has matured into a beautiful red to make the peppers sweeter!  Here is a link to my favorite way to eat red cubanelle peppers. . . stuffed with cheese.

Adirondack blue potatoes- Deep purple skin with solid purple flesh that hold their color when cooked. Very high in antioxidants. They have a nice thin skinned so peeling is not necessary.  Roast 'em, mash 'em, or fry 'em. Yum!

Peaches- Yellow peaches from Larchmont Farm Elmer, NJ. Juicy and sweet!

Sicilian Eggplant- can be used the same way as regular eggplant. Maybe a little sweeter. So beautiful!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

2017. Week 14

New this week:

Lunchbox Orange Peppers: Sweet and flavorful orange snack peppers. These beautiful, mini-sized peppers are delicious sautéed, as an addition to salads and, perfect for a healthy snack.