Friday, January 29, 2016

2016 A fresh year - Full of possibilities

Here at the farm, winter is a big deal. In the winter we celebrate the work that was accomplished the previous year, we plan and scheme for the up coming year, we fix all the equipment that broke down, and we rest and retreat with our families.  All these are vital parts to the ebb and flow of farm life, the summer push is not possible with out the winter recovery and preparation.

A few wintertime highlights in picture form:

Employee Christmas Party

We are building a new greenhouse! We really enjoyed the warm weather of December to get the project going. On January 21 the house was ready to go and the baby tomato plants moved in for hydroponic production.  Estimated harvest is the beginning of May.

In the shop we are pulling equipment in for maintenance and repairs.  Yes, that tractor below is completely pulled apart. Our goal is to get our hands on every piece of equipment from tractors to trucks to packing equipment and fix anything that is worn or broken. This tractor is getting a rebuild on the clutch.

Buzby Family retreat to the mountains.  It really is good to get away with family for a little bit and just be together.  We enjoyed lounging in the cabin and exploring the great outdoors together.

Although spring is still almost 2 months away we are gearing up for planting season. Looking forward to spring means CSA is coming!

Registration for the CSA opens February 1 (Monday)

New for this season:
- New pickup day at the farm on Thursdays.
- We are adding several new varieties including a tasty grape tomato called Sun Sugar, scallions, shallots, golden beets, and possibly raspberries (if they grow well! fingers crossed!).
- We are continuing to improve our growing practices which should lead to better supply and quality of your veggies!