Sunday, July 5, 2015

2015 week 9 // Summer Explosion!

Returning produce from previous weeks:
Spring onion
Collard Greens
Bell Peppers

New this week!
Parsley - A lovely herb that really brightens flavor.  Here is a link to a chimichurri sauce which delicious served on steak or other meats.  Chimichurri is kind of like pesto, but made with parsley.
Cantaloupe- One of my favorite summer crops! Here is a link to my recipe for grilled cantaloupe. It is one of my most popular blogposts.
Grape Tomatoes- Yum! Sweet, pop 'em in your mouth snack.
Heirloom Tomatoes- It is the beginning of tomato season! Yippy! I hope you really get to know and love all the different varieties we grew this year.
Cauliflower- Many varieties of cauliflower are white only because, farmers bunch the leaves over top of the head blocking the sun. This variety is called Bishop and is a "self-blanching" variety, meaning the leaves naturally tend to cover the head. You may notice these heads are a bit yellow in color. This is because the "self-blanching" isn't quite as sun-proof as bunching the leaves and these cauliflowers have seen the sun a bit.
Red Cabbage-  The flavor for this "Super Red" superior for red cabbage: tender, crisp, and pleasantly peppery. I can't wait to make some fish tacos with red cabbage slaw!

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