Sunday, May 8, 2016

2016 - Week 1- Let the Games Begin!

Let's get this party started! After a week of cold and rain, I am ready for it to feel and taste like spring! Sunshine! Bring on the sunshine.

We were so so close to having strawberries in the CSA for the first week, but they are just not turning red out there. Sorry. Too cold. Too cloudy. They'll be ready for next week.

Each week here on the blog I introduce the new produce and some of my favorite ways to prepare them.  

If you want your greens to stay fresh and crisp, it is very important to take time to clean and store them well.  Here is a link to specific instructions on how to prep your greens ( romaine, bok choy, arugula, collards)

Romaine- So perfect for salads, BLTs, and to use as lettuce wraps.

Radish- Here is a post I wrote about my favorite ways to use radishes.

Collard Greens- your body will love you for eating these healthy greens.  I really enjoy using collards as a wrap--stuff it with sandwich fixins and roll it up. Yum!  Here is a link to my favorite recipe using collard greens. Here is a link for a more traditional way to eat your collards.

Hot House Tomato- Aren't they beauties? While we have grown these gems for a few years now, we don't usually include them in the CSA. This is because one of the joys of CSA is eating what's in season and becoming more in-tune with the real seasons of produce. May is simply not tomato season. July, August and September are the tomato months and, believe me, we will have plenty of tomatoes to share when the time comes. So why are they in your share this week? Consider it a consolation prize for not getting strawberries! (we know, not a direct replacement for berries)

Arugula- Here is a recipe Arugula Salad with Lemon Vinergartte and Quinoa Salad with Arugula

Asparagus - If you are not going to use it that day, you should store asparagus in your refrigerator in a bowl or mug with some water in the bottom.  The asparagus will slowly drink up the water and you may need to replenish.  Asparagus is delicious roasted or grilled! This asparagus was grown by John Catalano, just down the road from us!

Baby Bok Choy -  Here is the perfect recipe that uses, bok choy, romaine, and radish! This is an easy fast way to serve Bok Choy.  

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