Sunday, May 31, 2015

2015 week 4

It's June! Boo-yah!

Returning from previous weeks:
Romaine! Let's enjoy this, since it will be the last lettuce we see for awhile.
Hakurei Turnips
Strawberries in pints, not quarts. Just barely squeaking these out for you. We hope......

New this week:
Kirby pickles//you can use these just like cucumbers, but they are especially great for pickling. Here is a link to a great refrigerator pickle.

Garlic Scapes// We are so excited to have garlic scapes in the share this week from our friends and neighbors Obis One.   Garlic scapes are the tender stem found on a garlic plant. Use your garlic scapes raw in salads and they will have a hot peppery flavor. Cooked garlic scapes will have a mellow, sweeter flavor.  Here is a link to a garlic scape salad dressing

Kohlrabi// I know this is a weird one.  But trust me, it is good and easy to use. 
--Here is a link to make the famous Kohlrabi Ham Bake
--Here is a link to a post I wrote on Kohlrabi

***Special Announcement*** The Spring Open House is this Saturday June 6th 2pm-7pm 
-Enjoy a wagon ride farm tour with our farmers, Andy and Eric, where you will get to know them, here a little of our farm history, and learn all about how your food is grown!
-You-pick strawberries.  Once a year we open the strawberry patch for CSA members only.
-Light refreshments will be available. Strawberry shortcake and lemonade.

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  1. I am so excited about the kohlrabi! I love putting it into a tikka masala sauce with cauliflower, onions, and peppers.