Sunday, May 17, 2015

2015 Week 2

Thank you for all your warm greetings and happy smiles at pick up last week.  Ya'll are such an encouragement to me.  Also, a big-five to anyone who shared with me what they cooked with their produce!  You rock! I so love hearing how you enjoy your veggies.  

News from the farm
1- It is dry. Really dry.  So thankful for our irrigation system, but we are getting tired of moving sprinkler pipe around everyday.  It takes hours! But we will do it as long as we have to. 
2- College is letting out for summer and that means a big part of our work force is returning to the farm and providing some much needed reinforcements.  About half of our staff in the summer are high school and college-aged kids.
3- The honey bees arrived this week.  The kirby pickles and early cantaloupes are flowering and the bees are ready and willing to do some pollination. We rent 32 hives from Harvey's Honey near Woodstown.

Returning from last week:
Easter Egg Radish
Bok Choy

New this week:

Escarole -  I normally think of it as a soup green . . . My absolute favorite soup with escarole. Escarole Meatball Soup

Collard Greens- your body will love you for eating these healthy greens.  I really enjoy using collards as a wrap--stuff it with sandwich fixins and roll it up. Yum!  Here is a link for a more traditional way to eat your collards.

And last but certainly not least ---- the long awaited strawberries!
Strawberries are very perishable.   This is not a problem in my home,  they disappear very quickly.   If you want to keep them more than a couple of days they should be kept in the refrigerator. 


  1. Hi Martie-- I am new to a lot of these vegetables. Is there a quick way to tell which of the bunches is romaine and which is escarole? You have to cook escarole to eat it, right? thanks! -- Amy

  2. Hi Amy The escarole is much flatter and curlier than the romaine. Yes, escarole is usually cooked.
    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Martie