Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spin the Spinach

 Step by Step instructions to care for your spinach.
 Cut the root off.
Then fill your sink with cold water.  Put the spinach in and give a swish with your hands.  The sand will sink to the bottom. 
Lift the leaves out of the water and put into your salad spinner.
Isn't that beautiful?

 While putting leaves into the salad spinner sort out the ones that don't look so hot.
Now pump that spinner.  All the water flings to the side and collects in the bottom.  If you don't have a salad spinner just dry the spinach as best you can with towels.
Then I lay out 3-4 paper towels and pile the spinach on top.  It takes a couple of batches in the spinner to get all the spinach dried.  
Roll up the paper towel. So you have paper towel all around the spinach. And carefully stuff into a gallon-sized ziploc.
Close the bag and keep in the fridge, it will last the whole week, no problem. 

I just love spinach!
Coming next a Spinach and Egg Recipe.


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