Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CSA Share 2012: week 4

What a week we have had!  The constant threat of thunderstorms, that never amounted to anything, followed by high heat and humidity! Whew! But it was great weather if you were hanging by the pool, ocean, or lake!  The eggplants are loving this heat wave too!  Sadly, the strawberries despise this heat and humidity.  The berries are limping along so you CSA members can come U-pick on Saturday.

Even though the strawberries are out of the picture
Here are 4 reasons why I am SUPER DUPER EXCITED about this weeks share.

#1 Broccoli and Cauliflower--   We planted broccoli in the csa field 2 years ago, and got nothing, nada, zilch.  This spring I got the urge to try growing these cruciferous veggies again.  I tried to be optimistic, but I really was anticipating another flop.  Just look at those beauties! Yummy, yummy!

#2 Spinach-- Spinach is another on of those things that we have been trying to grow with little success for the past few years.  Last years spinach I got from a neighbor.  This year I am proud to announce that this was grown on our farm right next to the turnips. We leads me to #3

#3 Turnips--  I love that part of the whole CSA experience is trying new things.  Turnips fall in the "new things" category for many of our members.  I have this Turnip souffle recipe that will knock your socks off.  Sidenote*** You can eat the turnip greens too! These are the most beautiful turnip greens I have seen in a while!

#4 Pickle Cucs--  I love pickles I eat them right out of the field and so does Auggie Dog

Oh yeah, the asparagus and kholrabi is pretty cool too!

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