Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I fear Swiss Chard!

Did anyone else out there NOT grow up eating greens?  I did not and it has been a slow come around to get the greens going in my kitchen.  But so worth the effort to learn to cook them.  Greens are so nutritious and delicious!

***When I was a child, my mom was an excellent cook and made us healthy well-balanced meals.  I learned so much from her about meal planning and grocery shopping.    I think we had salad 4 out of 7 nights a week and we ate lots of asparagus, carrots, green beans, lima beans, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, squash, and eggplant.  But Swiss chard, kale, or collard greens never crossed our table.***

So if your nervous about Swiss chard, its okay.  I was too.  But believe me it is worth it!

The secret to Swiss chard is understanding that it is really two vegetables in one.  The sturdy stems that come in all kinds of colors which take a little time to cook and soften, and the leaves which wilt very quickly.  

In my mind I equate Swiss chard very closely to spinach. You can exchange chard leaves in just about any recipe that calls for spinach. And it will turn out wonderfully.  I put Swiss chard in my Minestrone Soup. . . YUM-O!

If you have a deep love (as I do) for all things creamy try a Creamed Swiss Chard like Martha Stewart's Recipe.  I cut this recipe in half. 

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