Sunday, July 17, 2016

2016 - week 11

It is week 11! What! How can it be?!?

Cherry Tomatoes- Sweet and delicious!

Poblano Pepper and Black Hungarian Hot pepper- !!HOT!! These peppers are Hot! Be careful. Pablanos are perfect for stuffing. And the hungarian is very comparable to a jalapeƱo.

Eggplant- Our family favorite, fried eggplant topped with a slice of tomato!   But this eggplant recipe comes together quickly for a great week night meal.

Canary Melon-  Kinda like a honeydew, kinda like a cantaloupe. Maybe a little tangier, but so good!

Corn is back! And this is the last week for carrots and beets.  Tomato season is finally rolling! We are beginning to harvest all the onions and start the drying process.  

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  1. The Canary Melon was one of the greatest fruits I have ever tasted! So juicy! The consistency was the best!