Friday, June 7, 2013

My All Time Favorite Salad

Shout out to my good friend Rachael who first introduced me to this salad quite a few years back.  Rachael and I share much in common, our love of food, trying new recipes, and browsing cookbooks.  Throughout our friendship she has introduced me to many wonderful foods: BBQ chicken nachos, Cheesecake Factory Factory Burrito, Bean Corn Salsa, Iced Lattes, Death by Chocolate Cupcakes, Amish Market Donuts, and the list goes on.   Gosh, writing all this makes me NEED a girls night out with my girls!  Love you Rachael! This one is for you.

My All Time Favorite Salad

First grill some chicken.  

During the last couple minutes of cooking slather in BBQ sauce.

While the chicken is grilling cut up 1 onion, 1 red, and 1 green pepper.  I make this salad in the winter with Buzby peppers that I froze.

Saute the peppers and onions with a little bit of olive oil. 
Don't forget to season with salt and pepper.
 Now take the sugar snap peas you picked and cut the top off.
Steam the sugar snap peas for a couple minutes.
Now its time to assemble the salad. Start by making a nice big pile of romaine leaves on your dinner plate.
Add some slices of BBQ grilled chicken.
 Next add the peppers and onions.
 Then the sugar snap peas.
 The next layer is cheese! Provolone cheese.  Cut into strips.
 Add cheese slices to salad.
 Now this is when the magic happens. 
 Add a couple globs of dressing.  You won't believe how good this flavor combination is.  The crisp lettuce with the warm chicken, peppers, and snap peas, then the cheese melts from the warmth of the chicken. Then the tangy blue cheese!  It's amazing.
 Now for the kids I keep all the ingredients separate.  They like it like that.
 Oh yeah!

Feel free to modify with a different dressing if blue cheese isn't your thing, but I do believe you will be missing out.

Happy Cooking!

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