Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2013 week 4

Full share sugar snap peas are pick-your-own

A couple newbies to the share this week.

Kholrabi- German Cabbage.  It tastes like broccoli stems.  My post about Kholrabi from last year.  This year's photo recipe for Kholrabi Ham Bake. Try it. . . you'll like it!

Kirby Pickles-   A variety of cucumber that are used for making pickles.  Many people really enjoy Kirby pickles because they have less and smaller seeds than your traditional cuc.  Use them atop our salad or make a quick refrigerator pickle.  Here is a recipe from "A Couple Cooks". 

Escarole is a bitter green from the chicory family.  Link to my escarole soup recipe.
Other escarole recipes:

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