Monday, May 27, 2013

Strawberry Spinach Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

 Strawberry Spinach Salad.

A perfect combination. It makes a great side dish at any picnic. I must eat you.   Sluuuurrrrp!

It includes two Buzby crops: strawberries and spinach.

First we'll make the dressing.

2 Tablespoons of lemon juice.  Fresh would be best, but not necessary.  If using fresh lemons add 1/2 tsp of lemon zest.
2 Tablespoons white vinegar
1 Tablespoon sugar
1 Tablespoon Vegetable oil
1 teaspoon poppy seed.

Now for the salad part:

I like to use the smaller more delicate spinach leaves for salad and save the big, outer leaves to cook down like in my Spinach Egg Bake.

I filled my salad bowl with beautiful, tender leaves.  About 8 to 10 ounces. 
 Slice 1/2 of a cucumber.
 Add 1/4 of a small red onion, sliced
 Add 1 1/2 cups sliced strawberry
Toast 1/4 cup of sliced almonds and sprinkle on top of the salad

Add the dressing right before serving.
 Always a hit with my crowd.  Enjoy!

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