Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013 week 2

Half Share
Well, we made it to week 2!

The share included: asparagus, strawberries, hakurei turnips, romaine and spinach! How did the spinach escape the pic?  Really!?

Here is a link to last years post on cleaning and storing  spinach.  This cleaning process is important for all the greens coming from the farm because they are very sandy and they will wilt if you just throw them in the fridge without first properly caring and cleaning. 

Here I am cleaning my romaine tonight.
Rinse those leaves really well in a large sink of water
Dry the leaves and wrap in paper towel, then place in a plastic bag and store in the fridge. 

This is our very first year growing hakurei turnips, and we are pleased with the crop.

--They are delicious raw added to salads or slaws or just sprinkled with salt.

--When cooked, they develop a buttery flavor and when roasted at high temperatures, their sweetness increases.

--Don't get rid of the tops! Sautee with garlic in olive oil--tasty.  Add to your morning smoothy--yes!

Things are hopping around the farm.  Warm days like today means things are growing before your eyes.  The sugar snap peas have reached the top of the stake and now reach over, the cantaloupe vines have flowers on them!

This is a busy time of year when we are still seeding crops, planting and harvesting all at the same time. 

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