Sunday, April 1, 2012

Corn Planting Day!

All this effort to get Buzby Corn 7-10 days earlier. . .


 We use this tunnel layer to make mini greenhouses over each row of corn.
My Farm Guy shovels down the plastic at the beginning and end of each row.  He is a pro at the shovel.
 Farmer A. is the wire flicker.  He puts a wire in at just the right time. The tunnel layer has clippers that grab the wire, bend it, and shove it into the ground.  The wires form the tunnel.
 The rig is well known for being fussy and trouble-ridden.  Notice above Farmer A. doing a side plank, trying to fix a wire that got out of place. Honestly, the machine has a reputation for making good men curse.
 But it is pretty cool when it works. Cute little tunnels all in a row.
 Happy corn plants safe from the harsh spring winds.
 These plants were started in the greenhouse, just a couple weeks ago.
Here the clippers have grabbed the wire and are beginning to bend the wire.

 The little wheels in the back put tension on the plastic and hold in on the ground while the discs throw dirt on to hold it in place.
 It really is amazing to watch.
Lily the dedicated farm dog.  She is haulin' to keep up with the dirt bike. Eric racing back from the shop with a tool to tweak the tunnel layer.
 Just on the other side of the roadway the planter is trudging along.  This carousel-like wheel has pockets to place the plants in. The pockets dig a whole and drop the plant, then the tubes in back gives each plant a shot of water.
 One row at a time, up and back, all day long. (But really fun, I LOVE riding the planter!)
Waiting for the next crew to come and get covered with a tunnel.
 Reload the planter at the end of each row.
 And give the packer wheels a kick to get the mud off, just for good measure.
And what is a little guy supposed to do while mama is taking forever to take some pics?. . . play in the sand!


  1. what a really amazing process!!! thanks so much for giving us an inside look at what you all do <3 Sooooo neat!!!!!

  2. I loved riding the planter too. I'll never forget how shocked I was that the tractors could do all of that stuff. I really did think the guys just put each plant in one at a time. Which is absolutely ridiculous, of course... By the way, Andy's side plank is fantastic!