Thursday, April 19, 2012

Come take a ride with me.

Hop on the cart! We are going to check out what is going on at the farm today.

First stop, CSA field.  The Swiss Chard is coming along nicely!

G. is sweeping out the building for the farm tour and meeting we have later today.

Pop-Pop is cut-harrowing more ground for corn. 

It is so dry, which makes it extra dusty. I'm glad i didn't just clean my windows.  This field is right across from my house.
There goes Farmer A on a dirt bike, zooming past our pokey cart.  He is going to adjust the cut-harrow.
CORN!  It's really enjoying the sun today. Most rows are covered with plastic for typical April weather, but the plastic on this row was removed by the wind.
The pickle, cantaloupes, and watermelons all covered with tunnels.
A peek inside one of the tunnels lets you see the plants, enjoying the sun shine and the protection from the harsh winds.
Across the hedgerow I hear the pipe wagon coming to the field. These guys are laying out sprinkler pipe.  Farmer A, planted corn late last night and it needs some water to germinate the seed. The ground is soooo dry.  So R., Q. and D. will spend most of the morning moving pipe around so this corn can get the water it needs. Then Farmer E will be spending some quality time with the irrigation pump tonight.
Can you see the rows from the corn planter?
Then we swing around to the greenhouses. I don't mention the hydroponic tomatoes much on the blog or facebook, because we don't include them in the CSA, but if you shop at our farmers markets in May and June you will see these available.  Come check us out at the Collingswood Farmers Market every Saturday starting in May and Headhouse Farmers' Market every Sunday starting in May.
These tomatoes are grown completely in water.  We start the seed January 1st, so we can harvest about the same time as strawberries. 

The first tomato field.  The same tomatoes mentioned in this post.

Next we stopped by the strawberry field.  The fruit is sizing.  My mouth is watering! Can't wait!
Finally, we find Farmer E, and D. working on the irrigation for the CSA field.  Did I mention it is sooo DRY!
Farmer E gets a call from the guys with sprinkler pipe, they need another piece of pipe and some connectors.  No problem. Farmer E will throw it on his shoulder, hop on the speedy dirt bike, and be there in no time.
I come in from my adventure and find Gram baking.  Making cookies and goodies for coffee break. Yum!  Everyday around 9:15 all work stops for a brief coffee break. These workers need their coffee break! It was good to see that everyone is busy out there. The workers are working and the plants are growing. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Thanks for coming along for the ride.  See ya next time!         


  1. This is the song I heard in my head when I saw that picture of you on your golf cart, Martie. Well, too be honest, two seconds later I thought of "Ride Wit Me" by Nelly, but this is what came into my head first. From now on, whenever I see you on the golf cart, I will hear Frank Sinatra in my head.

  2. Loved the tour!!! You're so stinking cute on your little ride!!! Everything looked great!!!!