Thursday, March 15, 2012

See Dawn spot. Spot Dawn spot.

Hi ya!  It has been a busy week here at the farm.  We started the week off "spotting" the tomatoes.  Spotting is basically transplanting the tomatoes from small cells to larger ones.  We start the tomato seeds in 200 cell trays because they take up much less room in the greenhouse during the coldest part of the season.  After 3 weeks they are ready to go into the 18 cell trays where they stay until transplanted to the field. 

Dawn is the CTS (chief tomato spotter).  She has the fastest hands in all the land!

 It is tedious work, but exciting too.  Just think of all the potential these tomato's hold.

 Little Guy is in training, he shows great potential too!

A day's work.
For now they get all the water they want. However, we will soon be telling you a tale of tomato hardship. 

Happy Planting!

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  1. Aww, I remember Eric's "Little Tomato" story. Didn't he put that in a college essay or am I totally making that up? I love the photos. You're right, Dawn does have the fastest hands ever! I miss that warm, dirt smell from inside the greenhouses. I love that smell.